Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Your brand is your reputation, and that must be meticulously managed as well.  Trust in your brand is key to show up in front of consumer devices, and very necessary to close the deal once they do.  Customer reviews, testimonials, comments and posts/reposts are crucial to solidifying your place among the “most trusted”.  Whenever your company is mentioned, good or bad, it is logged by a multitude of sources. Always be in the know!

90% of searches take action within 24 hours as reported by leading analytic experts.  With most customers, you only get one chance to attract them to your business.  One of the major factors that sway consumers is reviews.  Reviews are so widely regarded because they come from other customers who were once in the shoes of the current customer.  Consumers usually “tell it how it is” and that is widely appreciated by humans and intelligent bots alike.  Good or bad, clients want to know exactly what they are getting into, and spending their money on.  This is why we help our clients acquire, manage and respond to reviews in a timely manner.

A bad review doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to lose business.  As consumers, we understand that not everyone is going to be satisfied.  There are some people who will be unhappy with your services no matter what steps you may take to assure them of good intent.  That’s why we have “real response review-reply” to engage the dissatisfied customer, and remedy the situation.  Other consumers see that interaction, and feel much more confident in doing business with you.

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